Grant Street Festival Now B'Town Jazz Festival

The B'Town Jazz Festival, formerly known as the Grant Street Jazz Festival, takes place annually in downtown Bloomington. The free festival, presented by B'Town Jazz, has showcased some of the musical talent in Bloomington, including outstanding high school, college, and professional musicians.  Craig played in each of the first four annual festivals, most recently with Joe Donnelly (sax) in August, 2015. Other performers have included Jamey Aebersold, Wayne Wallace, Mayo Jazz, Paul Kirk and Dave Bruker (bass/guitar duo), Monika Herzig, Janiece Jaffe, Jazz Fables, Postmodern Jazz Quartet, Café Cubano, the Matt Shugert Jazz Quartet, Peter Kienle, Tom Clark, Mike Lucas, Rachel Caswell, Carolyn Dutton, Mitch Shiner, and IU Jazz Faculty including Pat Harbison, Tom Walsh, Luke Gillespie, Jeremy Allen, Steve Houghton, Michael Spiro and others.

Watch a video of part Craig's performance with Joe Donnelly in Media.

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