From the album Live to Love (2009)

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Lori Brenner, vocal; Dena El Saffar, viola; Joe Donnelly, sax; Forrest Means, trumpet; Dave Pavolka, trombone; Craig Brenner, piano; Nate Brenner, bass; Tim Brookshire, drums.


by Craig Brenner

Fifty-five cents a day Loading the Boats to America.
In the hot sun all day Loading the Boats for America,
So you can drink your coffee down, it helps you get around;
Oh it's keeping our people down, America.

Eat your bananas today, people in America,
It's taking our land away, oh, listen now,
The corporations will often lie; you must hear our pleading cry,
And help us, or we'll die, America.

The multinationals are big.
Yes, my friend, and you are unintentionally fattening the pigs.
Now there are few places left to run under the tropical sun.
We're all living under a gun, America.

Something is not right, people.
And it must be brought to light.
They make less than a dollar a day; you say you need more pay
To afford your accustomed way, America.

You're got the fastest missiles and planes, your government of America.
But you need to be much more humane, oh listen now:
We can live in harmony with all humanity.
Is that your manifest destiny, America?
Is that your manifest destiny?